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Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Random Ten - now with links!

It's friday again, so it's time for a very geeky random ten, this time with links to the more obscure groups. It turned out pretty folky this week.

  1. Ode to Big Blue, Trout Fishing in America. No, this song is not about my employer. It's about a blue whale. TFiA is a really great duo that does albums for adults, and also albums for children that won't drive adults out of their heads. And who wouldn't love a group that could write lyrics like "Is is 'till it isn't, then it was; was was till it wasn't. Maybe might be is in a second."

  2. Garden Party, Marillion. Marillion's a favorite band of mine, and has been for a long time. This is a delightful little obscene song off of their first album.

  3. The World Turned Upside Down, Broadside Electric. Broadside Electric is a local band that mostly does modernized electric versions from very, very old folk music - Child's ballads, etc. I've done sound for them at a local festival, and aside from being a great band, they're tremendously nice people.

  4. Happy Hour on Planet Zarg, ProjeKct Two. ProjecKct two is a King Crimson spinoff: Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, and Trey Gunn. They call themselves P2 when they're doing unplanned, unstructured free improv. Cool stuff, but mightly wierd.

  5. Big Gravel, Psychograss. Psychograss made the random 10 last week too. And they've got a new album out!

  6. Mato Grosso, from "ITAIPU" by Phillip Glass. Magnificent piece of music. Glass has lately been doing some very ambitious work in a more traditional classical vein; this is a great example of that style. If you can listen to this and not be moved by the music, you have no soul.

  7. Flutopia, Flook. Flook makes my R10 again. Flook is the greatest.

  8. Kelo, Miles Davis. What can I say about Miles Davis? I'm not worthy.

  9. Christianopel, The Flower Kings. The Flower Kings are a neo-progressive band. If you like progressive rock, you've got to give the Kings a listen.

  10. Working on a Building, the Wayfaring Strangers. The Strangers are an odd little group - a bit of jazz, a bit of bluegrass, a bit of folk, a bit of rock. Tony Trischka on banjo, Matt Glaser on violin, and several other deities on their respective instruments.


  • I'm sure that there's a corporate anthem somewhere in the archives. If not, perhaps Aretha's "Think" would do the trick (was listening to the Blues Brothers this AM.)

    Thanks for the pointer to Broadside Electric -- the look good. Are you familiar with Blowzabella or Boiled In Lead?

    By Anonymous ArtK, at 4:13 PM  

  • artk:

    I know about Boiled in Lead; I've got a couple of their albums. Blowzabella I haven't heard of.

    By Blogger MarkCC, at 4:28 PM  

  • I found Blowzabella through the York Waites, a medieval/renaissance band from York. They use some bagpipes made by Jon Swayne, who plays for Blowzabella. I like the saxophone against the more traditional instruments.

    By Anonymous ArtK, at 10:55 PM  

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