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Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Random Ten, April 14th

Yes, it's friday again.

  1. King Crimson, "Fallen Angel"
  2. Porcupine Tree, ".3": an instrumental track by a fantastic, hard to categorize band. PT started as a joke, and has straddled the lines between neo-progressive, alt-rock, and pop.
  3. Marillion, "Market Square Heroes". Very old track off of Marillion's first album. They sounded a lot like Genesis in those days.
  4. Deanta, "The Party". Traditional Irish music from a wonderful band. What could be better than traditional Irish, with one of the best wooden flautists in the world (Deirdre Havlin), Irish lap harp, bouzouki, and bohdran?
  5. Genesis, "In the Cage". A track off Genesis' "The Lamb Lays Down on Broadway", the magnum opus from the Peter Gabriel days.
  6. Bela Fleck, "The Legend". Newgrass from one of the gods of newgrass banjo. Bela's truly an unbelievable musician - the guy can play anything on a five-string banjo. I've seen him live performing traditional old-school bluegrass, newgrass, bop jazz, classical, rock... There's just nothing the guy can't do with a banjo.
  7. Yes, "Yours is No Disgrace". My iPod seems to like old prog-rock today.
  8. Moxy Fruvous, "Spiderman". Moxy is a goofy canadian band which specializes in silly songs with four-part vocal harmony. This is their take-off on the theme to the old spiderman cartoon. Imagine that trashy song with lyrics like "Spidermans master plan, build his own little spider clan. In the woods, now they're troops, fighting for special interest groups".
  9. Nightingale, "Ma Commere, Ma Mie / Retour De Montaignac". French canadian folk music from a wonderful three-part band. The singer for Nightingale, Keith Murphy, has one of the most beautiful quiet voices I've heard.
  10. The Clogs, "Pitasi". The Clogs are impossible to classify. The music is mostly classical sounding, but with an improvisational edge, and bits of rock-style rythym mixed in. Definitely an acquired taste, but I like 'em.


  • Oh, how I miss Moxy Fruvous. I discovered them just after they went on the "hiatus" that has now lasted six years or so...

    Oh, and I've seen the Flecktones three or four times live; they put on one hell of a show indeed.

    By Anonymous Aaron M, at 12:34 AM  

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