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Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Random Ten 4/21

  1. Steven Reich and Maya Beiser: Cello Counterpoint. A truly amazing modern classical composition by Steven Reich, played by Maya Beiser. Beiser is tracked 16 times on this: she's the only performer, but there are 16 different parts overlayed. This is a seriously spectacular piece of music. I love Reich as a composer, and I think this is one of his finest short works. Just wow.
  2. The Flower Kings, Monkey Business. Neo-progressive rock, by a great band. Definitely not for people with no patience - FK songs tend to average around 15 minutes each.
  3. Harry Bradley, The Merrymaker's Club/The Acrobat. My favorite Irish flutist.
  4. Dave Matthew Band, Don't Drink the Water. DMB with Bela Fleck on banjo. What more could you ask?
  5. Continental Divide, Andersonville March. Very traditional bluegrass from a great, unfortunately defunct band. Scott Vestal on banjo - Vestal is one of the true greats on the banjo; the man can play anything from Yes to Bach to Scruggs. I don't care for the singer in CD (or in fact nearly any bluegrass vocalist), but this tune is instrumental.
  6. Broadside Electric, Babylon. A truly gruesome old folksong about a robber who accidentally murders his own sisters. Broadside is a great local band (NY/Philadelphia area) with a particular fondness for gruesome ballads.
  7. Deanta, Ready for the Storm. Beautiful song from a great Irish band.
  8. Miles Davis, Well You Needn't. I am not worthy to comment on Miles Davis.
  9. Steven Hackett, Man Overboard. Latest work by the great guitarist from the old days of Genesis. Good, but not great.
  10. King Crimson, Starless. Very old KC, from the "Red" album. Proof that a guitar solo doesn't need to have a lot of notes to be amazing.


  • Thanks for the random tens. I like to check out each piece you list, if I don't already know it.

    On my blog every few days I list random elevens. Being a mathematician you must know how much better that is than a mere random ten. :-) (As did Spinal Tap)

    However, I do not provide additional commentary. I'm an eleven on the "lazy" scale too.

    By Blogger Don Sheffler, at 12:53 PM  

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